Wednesday, May 18, 2011

MAC's Girl About Town has duped me, :o

I have been duped. Since I missed out on MAC's Candy Yum Yum, I decided I would make it up to myself by buying MAC's Girl About Town. After trying it on at the MAC Counter, I was sold. Quickly, Girl About Town became my new favorite lipstick. I had been wearing it for about three days when I decided to clean up and organize my makeup area. Lo and behold, as I was going through my lipsticks, I pulled out Revlon's Fuchsia lipstick. I decided to swatch it and compare it to my new favorite (Girl About Town). I could not believe what I saw. O_o! Revlon's Fuchsia is a dupe for MAC's Girl About Town. Revlon's Fucshia has been in my collection since last fall. I could not see any major differences in the lipsticks with my eyes. After during some research online, I found out that other's discovered this also. As usual, I am always the last to find out.
Swatches below.

Have you found any other shocking makeup dupes? Please share.