Wednesday, May 11, 2011

GlossandSticks' Prom Wars

Prom Wars! Yeah right. LOL! No seriously, it is prom season in my neck of the woods. Last Saturday my old high school hosted their annual prom. I had 2 neices and 2 nephews who attended. I went to their homes to assist them all in getting dressed. I was not spread too thin because they all live next door to each other in the same subdivision. The hype of preparing for the prom and getting dress brought back so many memories for me.
First up are two of my nieces. Their older sister summoned me to do their makeup. I was so excited! However, we all decided to keep their makeup at a minimal. I actually had trouble getting “B”, the one in the top right of the picture to wear any makeup. She just wanted powder and some clear gloss. “B” has skin you would die for. She compromised with me and decided to get some eye shadow and mascara along with Avon Glazewear Lipgloss. My other niece in top left picture, wanted her face done. She had no problems with getting her makeup. We also put a little blush on her cheeks (I don’t know if you can tell in the pictures, lol!). I am really please with how their makeup came out and feel that they were not overly done. They looked youthful and vibrant. Anyway, enough of my babbling.

Below you will find pictures of my nieces and nephews with their dates.

Did any of you assist family members or friends with preparing for their proms? If so, please share.

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