Saturday, May 29, 2010

Milani Color Perfect Lipstick in Grape-Tini and Rose Hip

Recently, I was in my local CVS and stumbled across Milani's Color Perfect Lipstick. I purchased 2 colors: Grape-Tini and Rose Hip. Below you will find swatches of both lipsticks. 

 (L)Grape-Tini, (R) Rose Hip

Product Description: Creamy, full-coverage, lustrous lip color that makes lip look and feel magnificent. The unique contour tip perfects lip shape with a more precise application. Available in 45 shades. There are a variety of finishes. Click on link below to get a more in depth look.

Milani's Color Perfect Lipstick Shades and Finishes 

Grape-Tini is described as having a pearl reflective shine with a duotoned luster color.

Rose Hip is described as having a cream flat color with no shimmer. 

I have only worn the Grape-Tini and used the Rose Hip on a model I worked with for a photo shoot.

My initial thoughts of both lipsticks is the price of $4.99, Yippee!!! Make sure you stock up when CVS or Walgreens has the weekly BOGO specials. The color payoff for Rose Hip was pretty decent. The color payoff of Grape-Tini was somewhat sheer. Both colors required frequent touch ups. My number one pet peeve with lip products is the smell. They both had too much of a fragrance smell, that I could taste once it was on my lips. Grape-Tini was also non-drying.

Overall, I would purchase more of these lipstick. I'm currently eyeing Orange Gina, Mandarina, and Chocolate Rasberry.

  I give it 3 lips out of 5. 


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lipstick 101

I decided to do a post on the different finishes of lipsticks. Have you purchase a tube of lipstick and liked the way it looked in the tube? Only to find out later after applying it to your lips that it looks nothing like the color in the tube. :o This may very well be attributed to the finish of the lipstick you purchased. The following is a quick description of lipstick finishes.

Lipstick Finishes:
  • Matte – opaque, full of color, long-lasting, does not work well with dry, chapped lips.
  • Sheer or Satin – conditions during wear, shiny-glossy  look allows natural color to show through.
  • Crème – contains wax that protects lips, may need gloss to achieved desired look, color not long lasting.
  • Frost/Metallic – shimmery and reflects light, may cause lip dryness.
  • Transfer resistant – last from 4-6 hours, will not stain clothes or glasses, may need moisturizing base.

For all the MAC wearers, the following is a list of there lipstick finishes.
AMPLIFIED CREAM: Creamy. Slightly shiny. Color packed. Some of the bestselling shades: Up the Amp, Girl About Town, and Saint Germain.
CREMESHEEN: Moisturizing, cream-finish. Some of the bestselling shades: Hot Gossip, Shy Girl.
FROST: Frosted shimmer-and-shine finish. Some of the bestselling shades: Bronze Shimmer, Fresh Moroccan.
GLAZE: Very sheer color with shine. Some of the bestselling shades: Bubblegum, Riveting.
LUSTRE: Wet look sheer color. Some of the bestselling shades: Fresh brew, Plumful.
MATTE: Intense, no shimmer, non-shiny color. Some of the bestselling shades: Candy Yum Yum, Russian Red, and Heroine.
RETRO-MATTE: Intense, opaque formula that is less creamy than the matte lipsticks. Some bestselling shades: Ruby Woo, Relentlessly Red, and Flat Out Fabulous.
SATIN: Conditioning, high impact color with a semi-matte finish. Some of the bestselling shades: Siss, Rebel.

I hope this helps with your lipstick choices.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summer Lip Care Tips

One of the most delicate parts on our body is our lips. We must pay close attention and take very good care of them. Cracked, dry lips are not pretty and most definitely a nightmare to any lipstick or lip gloss wearer. Our environment has a big effect on the health of our lips. During the summer, our lips are exposed to extreme temperatures and direct sunlight that give off UV rays. Remember our lips lack melanin and are easily burned. The following are some tips to help you maintain healthy summer lips.
Summer Lip Care Tips:
Hydrate your lips by drinking enough water.
Eat plenty fresh fruits and vegetables. Not only is it good for the rest of our bodies but is also good for our lips. Eating healthy provides us with nutrients and antioxidants, which is crucial for protection.
Wear protective lip products with sunscreen protection.
Remove dead skin cells from your lips by wiping with a clean wet cloth on a daily basis. You may also purchase products that can do this also. Mary Kay has a product called Satin Lips that you can use to exfoliate.
Apply a lip conditioner/moisturizer to your lips before bed each night. This will strengthen the skin of your lips.
My current favorite lip care product is Neosporin's Overnight Renewal Therapy and Neosporin Lip Health - Daily Hydration Therapy with SPF 20.

I hope this help you with achieving your best lip ever.

Source: Tips for Maintaining Healthy Lips, Tips for Summer Lip Care

Monday, May 24, 2010

Why Gloss and Sticks?

My first memories of beauty and make-up is with lipstick and lip gloss. I was always fascinated with my Aunt Ann's pretty red lipstick. I couldn't wait for the chance to sneak and play with her red lipstick. Of course, I got caught and was told I was too young to wear lipstick. In my family if you were under the age of 13, makeup was off limits to you. I will never forget when I was in the 4th grade and one of my friends brought a tube of red lipstick to school. I could not wait to go to the restroom and try it own. Just for a quick moment, I thought I was just as glamorous as Diana Ross. As soon as I returned to class, my teacher called me to her desk and made me wipe it off.  I was so upset, but for about 5 minutes I knew I was cute! LOL!

By the time I was in junior high, I was allowed to wear lipstick. I was famous for lining my lips with black eyeliner and wearing Wet and Wild's Fuchsia lipstick(I know...I fell victim to the black eye/lip liner trend, smh). I know I wore lipstick all the way through college. My favorite lipsticks in college was a Flori Roberts Sheer Gold and Forever Red. About a four years ago, I looked at my makeup stash and realize that I had over 30 lip glosses and only 3 tubes of lipstick(I know, so sad). This started me thinking about when I stopped wearing lipstick and wore mainly lip gloss and lip liner.  After careful reflection, I realized I am missing out on what first attracted me to makeup. This led me to creating my blog Gloss and Sticks. This blog will share my attempts of wearing more lipsticks instead of just gloss and liner. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with wearing just lip gloss and liner, but sometimes you need to add a little extra umph(is this a word? lol...) to your makeup routine. A lipstick can take you from day to night. Glossandsticks will also share information on anything beauty related as well as other ramblings in my head. In the meantime, let's give them lip!

**Update, my love for lipstick has grown significantly since I first started this blog. My lippies as I refer to them are some of my most cherished make-up items!